Our Company provides Consulting and Support Services in the whole spectrum of the Investor, Businesses and Organization needs

The basic principle is that there should be a Holistic approach in every Business Activity. What we have repeatedly faced is that based on the training and expertise of the Consultant, the provided consulting services are defined by his/her specialization and experiences. If you have Pshycologists as Consultants, then it is very possible that your company will be particularly developed in the field of Human Resource Management. If instead you have Engineers as Consultants, then your company will be particularly developed in the field of Infrastructure and Technology. Finally, if your Consultants are Economists, the specific development of the Company will be focused on Financials and Due Dilligence. Our approach extends to the whole spectrum of interaction of the Business Entity. In our view, the healthy development of every Company or Organization presupposes the thorough monitoring of all four (4) parameters that contribute to the successful course of each Enterprise.

This effort should be defined in the framework of a specific Strategy. The Holistic Business Development Processes means definitely much more than Organizational Restructuring and Business Process Reengineering. This is the subject of the Consulting support, i.e. the adaptation of the Enetrprise or Organization towards a specific developed Strategy.

Our provided services include:

  • Strategy
  • Funding Programs
  • Structuring-Restructuring
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management Systems development
  • Design and management in the implementation of ICT Systems
  • Support in Research and Development programs
  • Training via our e-learning platform