Our services are mainily targetted towards Small and Medium Enetrprises (SMEs)

SMEs with a total turnover up to 10 milion € do not usually have specialized personnel in order to optimize their financial structure. Our company has experienced personnel from the banking sector, Controllers as well as EU funding develpment Consultants that can assist you the best way they can in order for your investments to amortize as soon as possible with the best possible funding.




    The Consultant support is very important after the approval of the funded project in the framework of funded investment plans. Coping with changes and modifications both due to rapid technology evolution as well as market changes, make Consultant work necessary for the required documentation of modifications and the smooth project management in order for the funding to be given. The thorough Consultant support after the investment plan implementation make the Consultant fully aware of the information about the performance of various investment plans both as far as success rate is concerned as well as the various problems that should be tackled.